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Semi-finished products for perfect extruded products

Aluminium slugs

From recycled aluminium to aluminium alloys according to your requirements, surfaces or forms: Benefit from our aluminium slugs which perfectly combine environmental management, efficient processes and top quality.

AWW slugs are the perfect basis for quality products that are machined or extruded: from packaging, e.g., for food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products, and components for motor vehicles, plants and electrical engineering to cooling elements or parts in airbag or ABS systems.

Benefit from stable and efficient processes that are guaranteed by the high AWW manufacturing standards. Not least AWW slugs help to minimize the material input in subsequent processing – thus generating substantial cost advantages.

As individual as your requests are, so are the potential slug geometries and sizes at AWW. Everything available upon request with blank, tumbled or shot blasted surfaces.

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Aluminium slugs: high-quality basic material

Punched: from coils, strips or extruded plates
Sawn: from round bars, tubes or profiles
Forms: round, oval, hexagonal, square, flat, domed, preformed

We process all types of Aluminium

  • ultra-pure aluminium
  • pure aluminium 99.5 / 99.7
  • aluminium alloys


Applications for AWW Aluminium slugs


for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, household products/technology and toothpaste


for deodorants, perfume and cosmetics, hair care, pharmaceuticals, foods and household products

Technical extrusion

such as parts for filters, petrol pump housings, pressurised containers, cartridges, impellers, push-fit connections, bottles, tins, bushes, sleeve nuts, sensors, capacitor trays, reflectors, airbag and ABS systems, air conditioning technology, etc.

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