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Aluminium profiles, Aluminium slugs, system components- and much more

We live Aluminium


Thanks to our know-how and decades of experience in everything to do with Aluminium, you have a professional development partner by your side. Whether in relation to construction or development of extruded Aluminium products – we also solve tricky tasks, approach your ideas with a professional look at the bigger picture and provide comprehensive support: from involvement in product design and the selection of the suitable alloy to determining the most efficient way of machining. 

Aluminium alloys

We produce a wide range of alloys in our own casting plants and thus meet your individual requirements. You can obtain your required alloy even in small quantities.

Aluminium profiles

We manufacture bars, tubes and profiles exactly to your specifications as well as high-strength forged primary material. At your request, we will then anodise and coat your profiles in-house.

System components

We are a strong partner for the further mechanical treatment and processing of Aluminium profiles and we finish our semi-finished products, known throughout the entire sector, into high-quality system components at your request. At AWW, you will receive a unique range of high-quality processing methods from a single provider.                                                            

Electrical installation conduits

INST•ALUM, our electrical conduit system made from Aluminium, is superior to many other materials: lighter, corrosion resistant, easy to install and also visually appealing. All products of the INST•ALUM systems are marked according to their EN approvals.


Aluminium slugs are the primary material for packaging or technical extrusion products. We manufacture your slugs in all possible dimensions and alloy variants.